Here are some things that don't really fit into any other category, so I've made an elseif page for them.

Morrowind Script Generators by KAos_Nyrb

Takes all the uncertainty out of 'casual' script writing - don't expect to be able to make a rideable guar with these, but for most commonplace scripting tasks they're perfect.

Download (only 22KB !)

Collection of glowmapped head NIFs

24 NIFs, some with fangs, some with animated glowmaps, for your modding pleasure. I'll be adding additional heads as separate downloads when they're available. Please note: Both the SceneImmerse viewer and NIFTexture will refuse to open the animated glowmap models, you'll need a hex editor to do those. Also, the animated glowmap will show up over the base texture in the CS and 'paper doll' inventory character.

Download (882KB)

Dwemer Tools

A pitiful collection of early Milkshape models, might be of use to someone somewhere *shrug*. Please note that these are in .MS3D format, so you'll need Milkshape to convert them to NIF. See links page for useful sites.

Dwemer tools

Download (38KB)

Celestial Lily

Modelled on a day lily from my garden, this low poly NIF features particle effect pollen (Oooh, how useful!) The particle effect only works if this model is an activator or a container, as a static it doesn't function. As an added problem, if you place multiple copies of this model in the same cell, only the first one will have a particle effect. Yet another mystery of the Morrowind graphics engine.

Lily in game

The stem and leaves are in fact green now, thanks to Calislahn. Damn my colourblindness!

Pollen sequence

Download (142KB)