The X-jiit

Inherent laziness leads me to paste an extract from the readme here instead of coming up with something original. Full readme with detailed instructions and credits included in the 7zip download.

The base ESP adds 6 new races to Vvardenfell, all results of crossbreeding between Khajiit and Elf or human races.
(After investigating the lore, the most feasible explanation is bored noblewomen 'amusing' themselves with their khajiiti slaves/servants/acquaintances. Ahem) As the result of such a union would be a disgrace, the infants were given to the slaves to bring up and educate, hence their speech and mannerisms.
They are naturally stealthy, have an aptitude for unarmed combat and have inherited some of their abilities from their maternal side.
My apologies for the lame race names (not to mention the title of this mod), but at least they're reasonably descriptive.
I have reanimated vampire heads for each race, complete with animated flaming eyes™. See 'known issues or bugs' below.
A pair of clothing vendors can be found hanging about near an abandoned shack just outside Gnaar Mok.
The companion ESPs add 2 companions, a female Impjiit to Desele's place and a male Brejiit to the Suran Tradehouse. They won't join you until you have reached a certain level, as their equipment is relatively good. I have included a Bloodmoon dependent ESP for those of you with Bloodmoon but not Tribunal, DO NOT use both the companion ESPs, only one.
No quests or hidden bonuses,I had enough trouble getting the companions' greetings to work correctly.

The 1st person hands will not show up correctly until you save and reload.
The animated vampire heads show up as black on the 'paper doll' in the inventory menu.
Similarly, most of the new clothes will not show up correctly on the 'paper doll' due to the way the game handles alpha channels.

Download the X-jiit

The Orcjiit

Sloth induced readme copy & paste:

The base ESP adds a new race to Vvardenfell, the result of crossbreeding between Khajiit and Orc. No explanations are provided as to how this race came to be, I'll leave that to your vivid imagination.
I have reanimated and added tusks to certain non-orc head meshes and reanimated vampire heads for each sex, complete with animated flaming eyes™. See 'known issues or bugs' below.
There is also a small article of clothing for females, which can be found on the table in the Census and Excise office.

The Orcjiit

Sorcha Ravenlock was very taken with the green stripey girls and has released a beauty pack for them: (Link is now dead unfortunately)

Sorcha Ravenlock's Orcjiit Beautypack at Morrowind Summit/Planet Elder Scrolls

Thanks Sorcha !

I have also made a simple Orcjiit slave companion, using Grumpy's companion template 3.1. She can be found in Addamasartus, the bandit cave opposite the Seyda Neen silt strider. No special dialogue, but she can dance! Feel free to alter it to your personal taste/fetish. Download Orcjiit companion. Many thanks to Skotte for requesting her.